Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Womb of God's Grace

For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.... Hebrews 4:12

So this week we looked again at what the Word of God has to say through the life of Jonah. We discussed how we all define the word "idiot" and agreed that Jonah met the criteria. This guy was a prophet of God as described in 2 Kings 14, Matthew 12, Luke 11, and in the book of Jonah but yet he chose not to obey God's command. Why is this? Could we be the same or worse than this idiot?

Before you all stone me for using bad words like idiot, I'll change my language to a more acceptable tone. If this guy was in the church today, the conversation might go something like this: "Well bless his heart... (southern churchese for idiot) why would he go and do something like that?" Whatever way you choose to phrase the description, I'm afraid that we all might hear a resounding "bless his/her heart" if we overheard the angels discussing some of our obedience stunts.

So what's God's answer to this disobedience? He provides discipline that takes Jonah to a "womb of his grace" (fish smell and all) so he would have:

1. The time for REFLECTION
2. The chance for REPENTANCE
3. The opportunity for a RE-DO

Now, I don't know about you but to me this is an amazing display of God's grace. Instead of giving up on Jonah and allowing him to die in his disobedience, God in his infinite love chose to give Jonah a place to remind him of who he was and what he was designed to accomplish.

There's no doubt that this prophet's misstep is simply the story of our lives. So many times I've taken Jonah's path heading in the opposite direction of God's word. I'm not sure why that is... maybe the path seems easier, maybe it seems more exciting at the time, or maybe its just me wanting my own way. Whatever the reason, I choose do to the opposite of what God commands but instead of giving up on me like I deserve, he picks me up and points me back in the right direction.

There's no doubt God's word shows that he demands nothing short of absolute obedience but thankfully for us "idiots" he offers grace when we stumble along the way. Grace providing a chance for Reflection, Repentance and a Re-Do.


  1. God made Adam out of the dust,
    But thought it best to make me first.
    So I was made before the man,
    according to God’s Holy plan.
    My whole body God made complete,
    without arms, or hands, or feet.

    My ways and acts did God control,
    but in my body He placed no soul.
    A living being I became,
    and Adam gave to me a name.

    Then from his presence I withdrew,
    for this man Adam I never knew.
    All my Maker’s laws I do obey,
    and from these laws I never stray.

    Thousands of me go in fear,
    but seldom on the earth appear.
    Later, for a purpose God did see,
    He placed a living soul in me.

    But that soul of mine God had to claim,
    and from me took it back again.
    And when this soul from me had fled,
    I was the same as when first made;
    without arms, legs, feet, or soul,
    I travel on from pole to pole.

    My labors are from day to night,
    and to men I once furnished light.
    Thousands of people both young and old,
    did by my death bright lights behold.
    No right or wrong can I conceive;
    the Bible and it’s teachings I can’t believe.

    The fear of death doesn’t trouble me;
    pure happiness I will never see.
    If you get your Bible and read with care;
    you’ll find my name recorded there.

    Hints: The answer is one word, five letters long, and appears only 4 times
    in the King James Version.
    An eight year old figured out the puzzle ……..can you?

  2. when do we find out???

  3. The answer Anonymous is... a Whale. ;)