Saturday, September 4, 2010

Revival: What's It All About

Over the last two weeks, Jason Moore led us in a discussion about Revival. If you missed, it was an excellent couple of weeks with great discussion regarding this very important topic.

Two weeks ago we took a look at several video clips and Jason asked us what true revival is really about. After some good discussion, these are the take aways I wrote down:

1. Revival is a return to obedience to God.
2. True revival isn't defined by emotionalism but rather by repentance.

Last week Jason continued the topic with a look at 2 Kings 22. This excellent example of revival showed Josiah finding the book of the law and results in a great change among the people of Judah. Jason related this story with our lives and listed several steps required in revival:

1. Return to God's Word
2. Sorrow for Sin
3. Repentance... Completely turning away from old things...
4. Prayer that gets God's attention

Outcomes of revival:

1. Missionary Movement (Domestic & Foreign)
2. Reconciliation
3. Changed Community

As we are all aware, all signs are pointing to God leading us at South to revival. We don't want to miss what he wants to do in our lives. Let me encourage you to be in prayer for our church and the upcoming revival God has in store for all of us.

See you next week.

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