Thursday, October 14, 2010

Abraham... Mess to Messiah

This past week, Skip Jenkins led us in our latest discussion regarding Abraham. He started off with a look at Abraham and his family tree. Talk about dysfunctional! These guys had all kinds of skeletons in their closet that would definitely be censored by today's local media. Fortunately, God saw fit to put their faults and all in the most popular book of all time.

Fortunately you ask? Absolutely! It is through the lives of individuals like Abraham that we get an understanding of the grace & mercy of God in dealing with (us) his fallen children. We find a "life worth living" when we understand our perfection comes from faith in the perfect God who sent the perfect lamb (Jesus) to bridge the gap caused by sin. This is incredible news for those who feel like they can't measure up to God's perfection and are at the point of giving up. He doesn't expect that you ever will be perfect on this side of heaven. He only asks that you have faith in his perfect plan.

Now, as we've seen with Abraham's life so far, faith and action go hand-in-hand. If you believe in God's plan of redemption, your heart's desire will be to follow his command. According to Romans 4, Abraham's heart never wavered in believing God's promise. As we see in scripture, he stumbled in his actions on multiple occasions but he always got back up again because of his unwavering faith in God. It is absolutely imperative that we see this incredibly important truth in God's plan. Faith never follows action in God's plan but action always follows faith. God credited Abraham with righteousness not because of what he did but rather for the faith he had before he did anything.

Now that's a Life Worth Living!

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